painted tragedy

Sugar High Kill
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2010-01-14 20:29:20 (UTC)

The beginning of the end

I miss the me that used to be beautiful. The me that used to
be so full of beautiful words that no one could replicate.
That me is gone, but I can't say I am sad to see her go. The
old me hurt so bad, was willing to do anything to be happy
but that always led her farther away from happiness. Now I
am just existing -without beauty- but I am happy. I no
longer write poetry, because I have nothing to write about.
My life is still full of disappointments, but I am better. I
could go on and on, because I feel as if I have no one to
confide in anymore but I won't. Because no one likes to read
long blog entries lol and I hope to amuse at least some people.

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