Just a average persons life..
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2010-01-14 17:18:22 (UTC)

New year

and a new start as most people say, but its not is it? It never is, you try to
change yourself at the start of every year, make adjustments that fail after the
first week or two, maybe even a month, but really, the chances of it lasting
are low.
This is my first entry, if anyone does decide to nose in on this then i'll let you
know a bit about myself:
My names Alex. Im a girl. Im 15. I go to school. I have ambitions like every
other person, wether they will get followed through or not is another story,
but i am determined to achieve something, whether its what i planned or not.

I didn't begin this to write about my life and request anything from any of
you, like sympathy or something, i simply enjoy writing, would quite like to
be a journalist, and writing something everyday could possibly help me,
maybe it will, maybe it wont, i'll attempt it. That's not the only reason though,
i like to be able to remember things and have a terrible memory so i will be
able to look back on this and laugh at myself...
Why a internet diary though ? Well i did start one in a little book, i went to
Wilkinson's brought a pretty little grey book with black and white floral
patterns on it and an elastic piece of string attached to hold it together so it
doesn't flap about and reveal my life to people who actually know me in
person, but i guess it sort of failed because firstly i have terrible handwriting,
secondly i spend more time on my laptop than i do writing in a little book and
thirdly i have absolutely no idea, i just felt like it and kind of made it my new
years resolution to keep a diary, it was my last resort, i already stopped
biting my nails last year -one of the obvious resolutions, i don't smoke -
another of the obvious, and i had no idea what else to do so hey a diary it is.

I would ramble on more as i can talk a seriously large amount even to myself
on this, but i really don't want to bore you that badly, so feel free to give me
feedback, it would be appreciated, could even just send a message with a
full-stop, you know just to see if any one even bothered to read something so
Anyways I'l be back tomorrow, possibly even later as i've kind of already
missed 14 days of the New year.. well there in my hand written diary but
might sum them all up on here, we shall see, thats if i can even remember my
password after i logout haha :)

Love love love, alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.s this is a US website and i'm from the UK, just thought id let you americas
know I'm a british kid :)