this is the story of a girll. ♥
2010-01-14 00:17:17 (UTC)

januaryy 13th, ohh what a dayy.

well hey;
this is my first day writing in this.
fisrt ill tell you about me.
my name is jordan, im 14, and i am in 8th grade.
i am a cheerleaderrr!
hah (:
thats the basics.
now about my dayy.
it was okayy.
untill practice.
our coach took it pretty hard on us todayy.
we hadd to redo like everythingg like 6 times.
and if you know whats that is like, it's pretty ruff.
and then i was suposed to go to church, for a skit practice.
but we hadd the wrongg timee.
well i am going to try and write in this everydayy.

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