Unforgettable Thoughts
2010-01-14 00:09:34 (UTC)

Two The Two First Women

Heather. Thank you for the growth you caused in me. You
may not think of me, which burdens me some, but I shall
live. Your beauty is something that will never be surpassed
and it developed me. Your words surround me. Your music I
forever will listen to. I will never forget you and the
delicious sweetness you were to me. I only regret the
actions of oyu departure.
Aura. I miss the talks we had, but never will we talk
again. Your free spirit is of one that flows the past away,
for good or bad. You brought me to places I had never been,
formed my vocabulary to new heights. My first friend of
distance. I wish you so well. I pray continuously for your
flourishment and peace, for now many years from our last
talks, I see you were not in peace.
Pinnacle were they in my life. To tears I wish them
well, oh women of my past life. I miss you both and may our
secrets stay steadfast in our hearts. Let our foolish young
love be a reminder of our youth. To youth I laugh at for all
those memories of bliss! How I miss those times.

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