Unforgettable Thoughts
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2010-01-14 00:03:36 (UTC)

The Beginning of My Long Thoughts

Right and wrong seems to be blurry now that I'm
becoming educated. Strange that I have trouble with Truth
when I believe we are born with that knowledge. I think that
fear and social norms confused and blend in with Truth. Take
for example sadism. I use to think that it's wrong no matter
what, But now I'm processing why I thought that and see I
blindly stated that belief out of fear and ignorence. But
now I can't see them as wrong if they're in the sanctity of
a marriage and both partners enjoy it. If bounddaries of the
fundamental Truths of God aren't being broken, I believe
such acts are sacred and give God no displeasure. THis
specific action acn be some deep way some couples can
connect that can't be genuinely studied or understood
outside of the relationship. That almost makes me want to
make it easy on myself and say things are relative, but that
is a easy way out and anti-intellectual. God is not a basic
God. Every urge we have comes from some naturally good urge.
How we corrupt those urges is something else.
Things aren't so simple, yet this is all my mind can
consider in its premature state of knowledge on such a
topic. My worry is thought that this formula will be abused
to justify anything. (Swingers, 3-sums etc), so carefulness
on my part is needed when I use this.
Excuse my thoughts..

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