fernando's journal
2010-01-13 08:53:47 (UTC)

first page wed 13 20010

hi every one this is the first place of the with the only
journal i guess it will last me forever i was thinking on
getting started with this since last Sunday, but to any one
that does not know me well or didn't know me at all I'm such
a procrastinator, any ways this is like the third diary i
have i i wanna make this one the last one the one that
would be added to my wife's diary and my kid 'll able to
look up, a little about me i been in USA for about 2 years
and a half and this new year i realized that I'm turning 27
years in my next birth day party to what i made the new year
resolution to be engaged by the end of this very same year.
my amours life it haven't been the most exiting life that
some one can have, so i was just giving some time to my acne
to go away before having some more acction with girls but
time have just went away and I'm still the same ugly and
apparently things are not going to change a lot i had had
some acction with girls but never has been something very
serious or nothing that last more than 6 months i been
church suspended twice what it means that mostly my
relationships has been only physical than emotional. i
really can't write down all the details of all my life in
the first page. cuz it'll take me for ever, but as in the
most boring novels I'll give this details randomly in no
order trying to complete the most relevant of my memories
and what i feel like the most outstanding of my life and the
no relevant thing i do every day i don't know what ever what
having a personal journal means today the day start pretty
late like 10 or 11 i was going to sell my firs car bought
with my own money to my friend but after been with the
mechanic getting a quote of the expenses he draw back and
did not bought it so i'll just keep my car then got to
a really weird solution. that I'm sure it will only end up
in troubles my friend Osvaldo Hernandez decide to keep the
loan he got from the credit union borrow me 400 to fix the
car keep the rest switch the title on his name and give
top keep the car i know is stupid but we like trust in the
friends the i wen to school i got my i-20 re new which is
my student permit to stay legal in the country i got
confess i was a little too light headed thanks to Guztabo
another friend but i promise i wont do it again and there
is a lot i have to say about this then i went to salsa club
were i ask out this girl i just forgot her name she seems
kind of happy i did ask her out so i'll just caller on
Friday and then i expend the rest of the evening with paco
in the lobby of Cinnamon tree I'm doing my journal i the lap
i got from Mitch my roommate for 50 bucks the same i still
owe 30 and trying to date this journal i realize that i miss
my cell phone so i just hope it appear before Saturday for
lunch so i can call my date i star tomorrow my first day in
a new job in Texas road house a restaurant in American fork
i had my orientation on monday so whis me good luck just
after writting what i did today seems like my life is not
that boring but it is and i better go bed rigth now