loi's affection
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2010-01-13 00:43:10 (UTC)

work work work...very dull day

Another working day, another boring day. There are things
in this place that have issues and if talked about it there
might consequences for that and if you shut up it might
just go on and on. It will never change. I'm tired of it.
Sometimes I felt that I'm betraying someone for no reasons
at all or sometimes I felt betrayed. I can't work properly
I could go on daydreaming while I'm at work. Maybe I should
cut out all my loses and start anew. But how? It's hard to
find a new job. It's very hard to decide when you know
that someone is depending on you. You can't decide out of
whim. You must think whose going to be affected. So hard, I
want to shout and scream and tell them to shut up and stop.
Oh, jeez I'm getting stress out....I hope I could find the
answers soon.

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