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2010-01-12 06:17:09 (UTC)

[1-11-10] 11:53 ; Tuesdayy

heyy well tewdayy was ok i had ahh lot or people talkinqq bout im preqnant ndd stuff dat really aint no biq deal yahh kno cuz i kno im not budd imahh continue tew let them think wat they wannahh think. Um im ahh lil bit confused mehh ndd dahh love of mahh life hav ben qettinqq intew alot of little pitty arqumentsz lately so i asked hymm watsz really up ndd he said he likksz tew arque. WTF bee effinqq fahhreal how dew dat sound; corrett stupid; budd he qot intew ihdd widd his parentsz tewday [killahh]. i had tew try ndd calm hymm down budd he dont listen ndd he qot madd wen i told hymm idc wat he dew anymore; he doesnt listen wen i try ndd tell hymm somethinqq he alwaysz say ihddsz different; ihdd aint; he say dem aint his real parentsz dey dis ndd dey dat really bby; no dey rr there for hymm now ihdd dont mattahh wat dey dew come on now dey rr parentsz. somebody pudd ihdd nn his head dat he qrown ndd he can stay on his own ndd dey livinqq off his money; dat wat $500 aint payinqq awl dee billsz, puddinqq food nn dee house, clothinqq hymm, yhu kno wat im sayinqq he think dey supposed tew juss qiv away hand outsz no cum on look at robert, hymm his sis ndd bro qet checksz; dey still dont qet half of dey checksz if yhu wannahh talk about beinqq real. eff dee bs datsz kindof stupidd so i juss sit bakk ndd let hymm dew hymm
omqq we was nn dee fieldhouse ndd i was standinqq widd qare bear, robbierob, ndd twin justin so he was behind mehh widd ahhnothahh qroup of dudesz so tell mehh yyy dis clown was likk "yyy yhu standinqq widd ahh qroup of niqqahhsz" i must of turned around loud as i could ndd said "who he talkinqq tew i kno he aint talkinqq tew mehh cuz last tyme i checked i was standinqq widd mahh 2 bruthahhsz ndd mahh best friend" ndd i quess he qot madd......he effinqq sitsz ndd flirtsz nn front of mehh widd udahh chicksz ndd i dont say nuthinqq; plz he dont want mehh tew flirt widd mahh niqqahhsz i'd pudd his ass thru hell fahhreal.; budd im a lil tired so imahh check nn tewmahh lovesz yahh tew finqahhsz