Life Of A Teenage Loser
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2010-01-11 21:08:35 (UTC)

New Start 2010

Monday 11th january 2010
Dear Diary,
new start for me and as part of my new start this diary
will gettin written in as offten as i can remember :L lol

Well here it is again, another year ...
how does time go Soo fast??!!

Me and my bpyfriend anthony are kinda arguing more than
ever:s.Dont no why though. kinda wish it would just stop.
maybe I should let u no who anthony is,
Anthony is as i said at the begginig my boyfriend, he is
the the most amazing person in my life he means more to me
than anything. i honestly dont no where i'd be without him!

Ones year and 7 months on sunday... fucking hell lmao!
cant belive tht!!

i think im going to have to write bk tomorrow as i have to
be up earli in morning :)
will write again very soon