life of a girl in love
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2010-01-11 19:37:03 (UTC)

unholded love

heeeyyyy, all guys in world...the thing im gonna write
now will never be called not in theme, 'cause this problem
exists for everyone, there is no difference in all the
people when the talk comes to ...LOVE. nomatter how we
deny, love exists , and we can do nothing about it. though
everyone has to experience it by herself (himself),anyway i
wanna share with you my story, becaue very seldom , but
somtimes we can learn on other's mistakes.
all this happened in july 2009, then i was 14...yap , a
child, but seems age isnt a boarder to love, as i later
made sure in. one usual day , i was just sitting for myself
and not knowing what to do , i decided to chat with some
guys from abroad, thought it was a good idea, especially
for improving my language.i havent mentioned that i study
french , so i decided to find some frinds in Paris, a
beatiful city of love. i know , many people say now...oh ,
Paris is just a "pretty city" , that's it, it cant be that
love does realy exist there...and maybe even most of teens
of my age gonna add - love doesnt exist at all! yessss,
that's what i thought before that "storm of heroine ruined
on me".storm of heroin??? yes, my dear, that's exectly.
loves makes you so happy , but addicted, addicted to a
person...if you dont get enough of him , youll die, like a
drugug addict dies when he's out of drugs. you cant breath,
you cant eat, cant think , if he isnt with you.sleeping
with the mind of him and awaking with the thought of a new
day , that means of seeing him again. well , that's what
happened to me. i felt in love with the person i have never
seen...but only have talked in chat. i know, im crazy , im
insane...but if love meens being insane, i'm proud of being
one! he was my first love. he showed me how a tipical
person can become the dearest man in your life. i havent
known him for a long time, but it was anough for him to
become my life, my breath, my tongue, the every organ of my
body...the every part of my soul. dont thinking about what
would be next, we just lived with the present. he showed me
how worthful is the inside of a person, and how cheap is
the look of one. after having him , i felt like i found the
home, dreaming to be sqweezed to his chest, made me so
secure, sooooo protected...and thinking that something
could take him away from me...felt like raping part of my
body from me, like there would be nothing to live for the million knives into my heart. story got to be happy and joyful, but its
not! love is happy untill you feel another side of
it...pain. nomatter how we try , theres no love without
pain and tears. only when you take both of the sides of
love, you will be strong anough to say that you found your
only ,your one. i have never, even layed my eyes on him in
live , but his face is always in front of me, like he's in
my memory forever. it is hard to imagine being in love and
not to feel even one tauch of lover...but unfortunatly i
got unlucky in that...i have never hold him , but my heart
is holding him like forever. my love is kissing him
everynight,on his sleepy eyes, on his warm lips, on his
loving heart. it is so hard to be in love like this, but
cant even imagine if it wasnt the way it is now, i dont
want imagine my life without him . im afraid of thinking
that one day i will wake up and won't put my hand on my
heart to feel my love being there, to know that he is also
thinking of me, that i make someone happy as he makes me proverb said-love story is like a
history,unforgottable and unfinished,like the road to the story is also too long to write it right away, so
if you like the prelude, i would be glad to continue