Electric monkey
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2001-10-10 00:33:31 (UTC)

10-09-01 [physics galore!]

well, im sitting here, on the computer, when i should be
off staring at my physics homework. well i dont know really
how to do these one problems, so i called graham to help.
=) cause he said he would, and plus he knows how ta do it.
but he was at bens house. so i called bens house and they
were practicing, but i got a couple questions answered. but
im supposed to get a call from him here in a bit to get the
rest of it. lalla..
so today was... eh. well, the morning was alright. my
parents left earlier then me today so i had the house to
myself during the morning. sooo, that as nice, i didnt want
to leave for school though. ah... i could have slept.. then
i got to school and got to first period and got called out
to the hall by Mrs Mcgreger. she gave me a paper and told
me i had been elected onto NHS. how lovely. well, but the
meeting was today. short notice but i got to make it. =)
got a cookie too! yum. environmental club was also today
though. we made a compost thingy. fun fun. i went to gather
leaves with anna.
graham was off on a field trip today. heheh. so i got to
see him in the morning and after school for a while and
thats all. heh, "i ask bob newhart about midnight lovin?".
in yearbook i keep looking through the old photos and i
find cool ones and i getta keep them. ive got a ton of
graham pictures now. and other various pictures as well.
hehehhehehe.... lara croft. yep. so i need a photo album or
a big space on my wall for them all. =) pictures are cool.
speaking of pictures. i got my picture taked today for the
yearbook. my senior one, gasp! hehehe.... i wore my nice
new big sweater. comfy. lalla
so over all i guess my day was alright. nothing too great
but nothing bad either. so i guess i should go try to do
physics now. untill graham calls to help. bye!

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