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2010-01-11 07:20:15 (UTC)

why i was a bad wife

My ex had three tv's..So he could watch multible football
games.Here is a bad story...One Saturday, he was in his
element....Cabbaged in a disreputable leather recliner
with all sorts of heat and vibrating options.. a
ancient scared and smelly... He feel asleep in our den.I
smelled the odor of burning electric nasty....His chair
was on fire...Being a practical soul,I drawed a 2 gallon
bucket of water..The chair was smokinng..(so was the
crimson tide) At any rate I( put on a oven glove and
waited till the smell was just short of sparking..I yanked
the cord(smoke was heavy) and saved his sorry life...Did I
get brownie points from heaven? Go figure...I did dump the
2 gallons of h2o on his head...and I discovered why a
phrophet is not revered in his own land....enuf said...