Lifee. :)
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2010-01-11 04:51:26 (UTC)

Random Poem/Song Thing. 3

Can you hear the sound of laughter?
Can you feel the winds rush by
This moment brought us together
One little step at a time
Everything is changing
But your beauty stays the same
And if you go just promise me
you'll share you're heart with mine.

The earths cracking and breaking
But no im not afraid
With you by my side ill always be so brave
This emptiness inside me will never go away
Its needs something to fill the gap
Im sick of playing games.

So i will try to fly far away
Ill go to a place were people wont hide away
I think i might try harder now
Cause if you leave im ganna start to cry now.
But with your heart you left for me
I will not die inside unhappy
because i might reach infinity
Just on the wings of love. :)

xx Kelsey xx

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