Lifee. :)
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2010-01-11 04:34:15 (UTC)

That Kiid. 3

How did i ever fiind you kid.?
Your just simply amazing in every way.
We havent even known each other that long and your already
like a song i cant get out of my head. a friend forever a
true one.

your so sweet , everything you do is magic.
your not like the rest at all.
im sure alot of people say this about their friends to but
hey, everybodys different. :D

but this kidd is really a great guy and i love him heaps.
everything about him.

when he smiles its like looking up at the sky after its been
raining for days and smiling because all he clouds are
fading away and everything is clearing up and becoming
beautiful again.

he such a softy but i love it.

hes loves cookies ;)

hes my bestfriend. :)

&& I Love Him xx

xx Kelsey xx