Lifee. :)
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2010-01-11 04:23:18 (UTC)


Ha ha Queensland is so effiin hot , who knew ah aha :)
Movie world was fun im still worried about going home though
my big music school interview on the 25th and im loosing it.
what if i dont get in again? ill be so heartbroken i swear.
i love singing but sometimes its more than just a voice and
music sometimes its so much more to me then anything in his

it helps me to relax and calm down i dont think id survive
without it. LOL! xD

i love when i can actually sit down and write a song but
most of the time it doesnt work like that i will be doing
something randomly and just the lyrics will come to me.
i guess thats like alot of things in life. ha.

my songs are all about life and things nothing i write about
is fake or madeup. when i write i express my self through my
music and lyrics. its like the pen is my mouth telling the
paper ( the world) my story.

everything happens for a reason. ill always remember this.

i beleive in helping as many people as you can.
because its never going to hurt you not to. :)

xx Kelsey xx

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