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2010-01-10 19:48:05 (UTC)

Sunday January 10, 2010

Well,Yesterday Kevin brought me down to Cape Cod for the
night. It was nice driving around and seeing things, it is
absolutly beautiful down there. We went out to dinner, had
breakfast this morning. And drove around some more.

I was hoping he would get close to me again during this
trip but he didn't. In fact we barely spoke. I did a lot
of talking, he did a lot of listening. I mean it really
sucks. It is like our relationship is taking a trip

Kevin has not touched me sexually since before
Thanksgiving. This is totally unacceptable. I told him
about it, and he says when he is stressed out, he isn't in
the mood. But lately it just seems lately he is always
stressed out about something. It sort of sucks. I am so
unhappy in this relationship, and I have told him at least
twice. And last night at dinner, I even said that I was
very unhappy with my life right now. It didn't even seem
to phase him.

What am I suppose to do????

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