loi's affection
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2010-01-10 05:26:48 (UTC)

confused heart

Well, I'm tired and I feel lonely. It been a long time that
I really felt happy and contented. It was my college days
1st year with my friends. Now I'm working and I don't feel
happy at all. I tried to contact my college friends they are
just to busy with work and other things, I can't even talk
to them. I felt alone and no one to turn to when I feel sad
or pressured when the deadline is near. I just can't find
someone who will listen to me and understand me. My family
is counting on me cause I'm the only one working. They
always say that I should work hard or the bills are coming
or no more groceries. When I bought something that I like
they tell me why did you bought that? That's a waste of
money. Can't I enjoy anything at all? Well, I'm just tired
pretending to be tough and all. I want someone who I could
cry on and will listen to me. Oh, God please help me find

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