Diet Diary
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2010-01-10 05:04:05 (UTC)

Meh. 01/09/10

Dear Diary,

Well, I'm starting this thing sorta late... Anyways, I wanna
document my diet using this online diary thing. Lol i'm too
lazy to write it out, typing is easier... So the reason the
title is "Meh." is because I made a formspring earlier
tonight. Which is where people ask you questions and you
answer them. BAD IDEA. It was fine at first and I just
recently checked it... Some people wrote some pretty mean
things to me such as "does it hurt to breath cuz you are
fat?" and stuff like that. Idk why it's bothering me so
much. It just sucks to be made fun of like that, ya know?
And i don't even know who said it because the questions are
asked anonymously. == no clue if i spelt that right lol.
Anyways, back to my diet... 6 days ago I started Weight
Watchers and I have my first weigh in tomorrow, I'm crossing
my fingers that I did well this week. I'm looking for a goal
of at least 2 pounds for this week. Also, let me tell you a
few things about me.. My name is Claire, I'm 14. I weigh 167
pounds (as of 6 days ago).. I know, it's alot. All in all,
I'm a nice girl. The things motivation me through this diet

- I REALLY want to get onto varsity field hockey next year,
so I'd have to get in better shape for that.

- Wanting to feel pretty for once.

- Maybe find a boyfriend.

- Just wanting to feel good, inside and out.

The comments sent to my formspring have both hurt me and
helped me. They obviously hurt me because they were mean.
But they helped me because those comments are sorta giving
me motivation to loose weight. Anyways, this thing is
getting pretty long so I'll end it.

Current Weight: 167.7

Goal Weight: 120

47 pounds to go.

Let's do this.

Claire :D