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2009-12-31 11:02:01 (UTC)

Another one bites the dust.

So I am an offical old navy employee. Go me. Its been a
lot funner now. And since christmas hours are going away i
get more free time.
Garrett and I have been alright. I asked him straight up
about his feelings towards me and he said he doesnt (right
now) like me as he use to and not sure if he will again.
but that only makes it more of a challenge to me. I care
about him so deeply that i wont let it get in the way of
anything i have towards him. We've been flirting more, or
I may say I have been flirting more to allow his self
confidence to gain higher standings and know its because
of me. were both growing up still. He admitted that he
smoked pot the other day at jacobs but didnt like it. And
then got in trouble last night getting caught with friends
drinking (he wasnt but some of the guys were) he got in
trouble by his mom and phone taken away. Though he did
find it and was able to text me today for a bit.
Well what else, tomorrow/today is new years eve. Plans
have been all over the place but right now its 1.Going to
a party at my friend lizzies..total PG type party. Then 2.
Find somewhere to go (aka funner party) with a few other
friends. I WILL have a new years kiss. I dont care who. I
will. hah
Life has been weird for 2009.
Lets look back really fast
1. I lost my virginity
2. I lost my bestfriend
3. Gained a new bestfriend
4. Prego scares
5. Became a party girl
6. Got drunk for my first time ever
7. I smoked hookah for the first time
8. met friends I never expected to level up to
9. Got a job
10. Graduated
11. Fell in love (or so thought)
12. Heart broken
13. Got involved in church again
14. Big foot became my home
15. lied more than ever to my mom
16. pointed and admitted my flaws
17. fell for a 16 yr old
18. broke that 16 yr olds heart
19. went to seattle so much for no reason
20. gauged my ears
21. decided i want a tattoo
22. prayed for change

All in all this year has been great. It truly has. Ive
grown up, done things I never expected. Learned from those
things and mostly shared every emotion possible..which
makes me be more human than ever.

2010..I want to be crazy good. It shall be.
Im still praying for change.