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2009-12-29 03:03:54 (UTC)

Work Spouse

i think i may have mentioned this before, but a while back
there was this article (or something on Oprah) that juliann
told me about. it's the phenomenon known as the "work
spouse" essentially it's when two people are together so
much at work that they start acting like a married couple.
now that i'm back at work i can observe this rare couple in
its natural habitat...and it turned out to be a lot weirder
than i had anticipated.

the first couple are this guy and girl who work in the it
department? truth be, i don't know in what the fuck
department they work in. anyhow, after a few days i noticed
that one would get up for coffee and ask they other,
"hey, i'm about to go get some coffee, want me to get you
now if you pause and think about that for a minute, you'll
realize how odd that is. i mean it's normal to ask someone
if they want to "come with you to get some coffee" but to
actually fill their mug and bring it back? that's
borderline marriage right there.

and then the other thing is, they started talking about
their kids, so, if you listened in part-way through a
conversation you'd probably think that this was a married
couple with a lot of kids.

but they aren't the creme de la creme. that belongs to two
people in finance. i swear to god they might as well get
hitched. see they kick it to another level altogether with
constant touching. they'll always be touching each other on
the arm or shoulder about everything. they'll lean in and
whisper something into the other's ear that really didn't
need any whispering.

and, most embarrassingly, they'll bicker. i was in on a
meeting with them and all of a sudden one berated the other
for sloppy writing (weird). to which the other finance
person is like: "you nag too much." and then she'd respond
with some more bickering about not putting post-its in the
reports or something like that. i sat through 5 mins of
bickering until they finally realized that i was there.