I Debbie...
2009-12-19 20:29:20 (UTC)

The One About The Ankle Bracelet

Okay that was quite a shocker. Tom has to wear an ankle
bracelet for 60 days and have this installed breathalizer
on his car for a year. This may radically change him. I
mean I don't know how I would be without ever being able
to take out my aggresions or frustrations , without never
ever being able to drink. Not to mention how would I
celebrate or have a meal without the potential of having a
glass of wine. I mean not that I have to have it every day
because I don't but to not be able to have it when and
where I please and especially on New Years Eve? Wow. Talk
about bizarre. And the whole car thing is unbelievable
too. So he can't drive his car if he is over the limit.
But that also means no one else can drive his car with the
same affect. Which means when we go anywhere we would have
to take another car or really have a designated driver.
Not that we go to bars all the time. I just think okay
over Superbowl weekend for instance typically we go get
the stuff and get a sample of beer or eat out. What is the
limit so that we can start the car. Then I think the thing
beeps at a 5 minute interval so it makes sure you don't
bribe someone to take the test for you. He wanted to
determine what the limit is so he got a portable one to
use after the 60 day mark, January 29th. Research. And he
told Nettie but only like it was his first time. As if she
isn't smart enough to think why would it be so major if it
was his first offense. She could look it up on the
internet and walla lie is exposed.
Still very bizarre.