I Debbie...
2009-12-19 04:29:18 (UTC)

So nothing ever changes

The things you never want to cross your lips:
1. You are so pessimistic : okay there are so many things
wrong with that comment. Its so okay for my big fat lazy
ass of a husband to lay on the couch like some ill shapen
pillow. but if I want to boo-hoo because I feel like
nothing is going how I want it to be that is just too damn
bad.So I'll see your dumn fucking brain thinking about
anything except nothing and raise it to a new level
because I damn well want to you lazy good for nothing not
so very spontaneous unless you have a vested interest like
it has to do with food you want to cook or something you
want to do on a weekend. Fuck the fact I may really feel
like doing anything and fuck the fact I need to feel
better by being around other people. Like when Tony died
and I wanted to go to my reunion. Fuck that. You wanted to
go home and pout and feel sad but I needed to talk to
people and that and that always takes second place to your
little no rather big fat head resting on the pillow. How I
hate being married to a mommos boy. Gosh I really hate it
with every fiber of my being. I feel better than I have in
days and yet here I am pounding on a keyboard while Mr.
Lay on his ass because his back hurts because he is so
fucking fat and lazy that his back hurts. Like what the
fucking hell is new!!!!! My heels of both feet hurt every
fucking morning when I wake up. Every day. Who has had a
babysitting job the last three weekends in a row so we can
afford more stuff during this holiday season. And so I
want to be pessimistic. OH MY GOSH,, can you even
utter that when I have been carrying you and your asshole
of a load since we have been married you cow!!!! I have
the right and priviledge to be howe the fuck ever I want
to be and until you do a tenth of what I do on a light day
then you need to shut your stupid ass of a mouth up. Wow.
A little pissed wouldn't you say!
And if it is such a big fucking dumb ass deal go see a
doctor. Like that would only cost me more time aggravation
and money because he procrastinates so much and sticks his
head in the dirt so much that in the long run it just
sends me more into debt anyway. You know like his teeth.
No no there is no way of getting ahold of anyone so wah
wah when wah wah I am so in pain that wah wah wah wah I'll
make it until I wah wah wah wah FUCKING WAH WAH WAH. will
you solve it for me because I can't do a damn thing for
myself because I am a WAH WAH WAH WAHB BABY!!!!!!
2. Let's Do This, Oh wait I am too tired
Why in the hell would you make a great suggestion just to
tell them in the next breath you don't want to do it. Why
ask for a comment when you are baiting them to not want to
do it .Just to justify not doing it. Why throw someone a
bone to take it away like it was never there?????
You know and it crossed my mind that I wonder if he tells
people that it is my fault we didn't go here or do that to
cover what the fuck he hasn't told me he wants to do and
that is the reason people don't invite us to do more
stuff. If I was told no over and over I wouldn't ask
again. Know what I mean? Sometimnes I really regret even
going on the second date let alone going down that long
cold lonely aisle tha has only led me really astray.
3. So I guess I am or can never be fucking right. You
stupid pompous ass stuborn motherfucking idiot. Yes I can
and I usually am. When I tell you that the certain kind of
wet food for our cats is the one they don't like maybe you
should just shuit your huge yap hole and fucking listen. I
am the one who consistantly feeds them and changes their
water bowl and does their liter pans so why wouldn't i be
the one who knows and seesd it enough times to know that
they like certain ones. DAHHHHHHHHH. Seriously dumbass.
Shut your fucking mouth up unless you have a valid opinion
that actually makes sence and you can back up with facts
not loads of stinky smelly crap that you never load up and
shovel because you are sooo FUCKING LAZY !!!!!!
4. Open your ears and listen to me. I don't know if he is
just trying to tune me out or just being stubborn but
either way I just don't like it. Not one fucking bit.
Selective hearing my ass. I am living with a fucking two
year old. I wonder how he would feel if I didn't listen to
him the way he listens or pretends to listen to me. I
guess I am just too nice to do that to him. Too much
respect. Too much dignity in my own self to think about
doing that to him. FUCK HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!