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2009-12-16 08:20:34 (UTC)

Because I cant keep my own promises.

Im going to write it down.
and Promise you all.
Maybe not a promise you all want to hear or accept
but its for me to make sure I stick to it.

Ive been struggling bad with overeating now. then because
of that I throw it all up. I got up to 127.5 the other day
and flipped out.
Im down to 123.5 ish. Mostly the weight was pre-period
starting but still UGH.
Not good.
By christmas I will be down to 115.
Im not sure how to accomplish this but i NEED to stop
overeating. Itll never allow me to get on a healthy diet.
Im going to start to work out again.
I promise you that.
I promise you I will NOT over eat.
If I eat, itll be one or two things.
throwing up is not a issue right now to disscuse.
These are my problems Im trying to fix with promises.

Other news.
Garrett and I are doing good. Hes on break now and were
gonna hang out as much as possible. :)
Im also looking to get a job at a tanning salon I think. I
need a more relaxed job. Maybe another retail job that
isnt as high strung. I love old navy and everyone there
but its so GO GO GO. plus my 3 months is almost up and
we'll see if they even want me longer. If so I will have a
lot of thinking to do..thus for job apps need to be out
NOW. so I can make that choice fast.
I also have bought tanning packages again. I need to boost
myself with something fast at least.

Im offically becoming a leader at church now, turned in my
papaer work the other day, just need to get all the
trainging and stuff then BOOM. Im so excited. Its another
step closer to God in all the places ive been lacking. I
want to help people who are in a struggle like me, I want
to be apart of a movement of our generation. I want to
feel Gods presence like never before. I want to be
someones first call when they need prayer. I need to be a
faith person. a true, strong faith person.
thats my goal in life.
not my goal..stratch that
its my destiney.