Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-12-08 15:55:23 (UTC)

1st Snow Storm

Apparently we will be having the first snow storm of the
season today. I don't think this will happen. Oh well..

I was reading back on my last entry. I was unsure about the
guy I'm currently dating. School is less stressful now and
I'm crazy about him. This was the result of my mind being
elsewhere. He's a great guy, let's just see how long this
will last :)

I've had school on the brain for several weeks. I'm
contemplating whether or not I should drop a course. The
course I'm thinking of dropping, I had taken before but I
got my money back because our university went on strike. So,
I'm thinking since I've taken his notes, read his book, did
his exams... then it shouldn't be so bad. The information is
not new to me. So should I really drop it? I think I'm
leading towards are no. If I take this course, I'll have 7
more courses to take and then I graduate. That means I'll
have to take 2-3 summer courses and 4-5 courses during the
year. I'm taking to avoid taking summer course in 2012.
Whatever, I'm just thinking...

Besides all this, I'm doing pretty well. I'm content with my
studies and my love life. My mother has been off my back
about my room and going out. I wonder why that is? I hope
she can carry on like this for my sanity.