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2009-12-03 03:47:25 (UTC)

no call

so it's wednesday and i haven't heard from chris...
i'll give it the benefit of the doubt. maybe he's busy
trying to meet his deadline on monday...

wondering if he wants to call it off..or if he's just
working hard..

ill say this though, if he does text me anytime from now, -
and i know i said no games - i'll definately take a day or
so to get back to him. then again i'm probably speaking to
soon here, while for him, the deal might already be

I think that's the reason he might have text me on monday
saying 'argh! got loads to do this week for my deadline on
monday...got a week to do all my projects...'

was he letting me know in advance that he'd be kind of off
the radar this week?

whatever. who's he making shakara for? got my own
deadlines too. 10th of december..