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2009-11-28 01:04:40 (UTC)

I dont know what to do anymore!

my boyfriend left to new jersey two weeks ago on Monday and
while Im getting used to him not being here everyday I cant
get used to the fact that Im last on the list for his
Im so sick and tired of fighting his twin for his
Any time his twin calls its I gotta call you back, robs
on the phone ill talk to you later.
Ugh! its just so fustrating.
He left flordia for work and yet the man has only worked
one day, essentially got kicked out of his little brothers
house on wendsday (do to no fault of his, and yes I do
beilieve that!)
He ended up in new york for the holiday and while Im fine
with that, (more then fine honestly concidering he is
actually happy and having a good time since he left the
I am pissed off that he seems to have absoulutly no time
for me!
I know twins have that bond that makes them so unlike
other people but I cannot stand that man. His fucking
twin is the anti christ!
Rob does nothing but drag Johnny down and every one can
see it but Johnny himself.
Anytime J starts to do better, gain some weight, forget
about the damn drugs and start being a stand up guy again
his brother rob comes around and fucks the whole thing up!
Rob trys just about anything to come inbetween J and I.
Starts fights between us, constantly talks shit, acts like
a fucking prick to me and Johnny ALWAYS takes his side!
HE will fall right into the trap of being irritated with
me over whatever it is rob chooses to point out at the time.
Rob says jump and johnnys right on it. I cant take it
I cant even put an altamatum on the man becouse I know he
will always choose rob over me and so its not even worth
the effert to even try.
His brother was upset with johnny over something that
doesnt even makes sence and turned around and shut my cable
off right before a huge online test and J was pissed said
robby finally fucked up for the last time and he was done
with him for good, he wasnt talking to him and he said he
wasnt helping rob get any suboxin nothing. Then the day
before J left for NJ everything changes, all the sudden
they are buddy buddy again, talking joking and what not,
too me it looked like ok Johnnys nolonger going to be
inconvienenced and so wtf it wasnt an issue anymore.
Meanwhile I was still sitting in an apartment with no phone
no cable and no internet! I was so fucking pissed. Johnny
said oh I did it for my mom, she asked me too, yet if that
was the case he would have only been cool while his mother
was around yah know? OMG he makes me sick! so now his
brother is demanding the bill get paid for the cable and
the boxes get returned and I absoulutly refuse!
I texted this bitch and was talking about what a slimey
worm this bastard rob was and of course cause my luck runs
like this she turns around and forwards it to him (rob)
Then rob forwards it to Johnny and the asshole was mad at
me like I personally affended him. He behaived as though
the texts I wrote were about himself.
I couldnt believe it, he actually broke up with me becouse
of it, Yet his fucking brother can talk all the shit about
me he wants and nothing ever offends johnny. He wont defend
me if his life depended on it when it comes to rob. Its so
damn disgusting!
So were back together like always but now I was on the
phone with J for all of 4 minutes when rob beeps in and the
asshole like always let me go, didnt even let me finish my
THen proceeds to share whats going on with his cousin and
allow his cousin to put his two cents in not knowing the
full story so in turn making me look like a fucking syco!
Why does he have to do this to me?
Why do I constantly take it? Why cant I just say fuck
him and find myself someone who will treat me like I
really mean something expecially since we have been
together for 5 fucking years!
I dont understand why I cant drag myself away, right now
it would be so damn easy expecially since hes not in the
state and he rarly has time to talk to me....
I wish!

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