Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-11-25 01:29:12 (UTC)

Winter & Finals

I've been told numerous times that this winter will be
pretty mild. We might still get snow, but later on in the
How do I feel about this?
I feel fine as long as I still see white sprinkled around!

I have 2 final exams this 'winter exam' and I'm feeling
content, yet lazy as always. I just want to finish and get
on with my life.

On a side note, as of nov. 18th I am officially taken :D
I'm happy about it! He has a great personality, but I really
don't like it when he mimics me. I've told him before, then
he gets all serious and reminds me that he's just playing.
UGH! Tickle me if you want to play! lol

I'm looking forward to the next couple of months, maybe even years with
him! We seem to be getting a long very well and I'm getting a sense that
this relationship will be none like the other :)

November, 18th 2009 <3