taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2009-11-23 05:51:30 (UTC)

The Jilter gets Jilted.

A wise fellow once said, "that which goeth around cometh

All I can say is "yes. Yes, it hurts (pisses-the-fuck-off)
when someone in your realm cuts you down and questions
your motives."

Let this be a lesson, karma may not officially exist, but
practicing malicious actions simply cannot bode well for
one's future well being.


In unrelated news, John Lithgow plays one salacious sonuva

It actually lends itself well to tonight's theme - if you
murder people and break your son's pinky finger on
Thanksgiving (American), you will eventually get yours!
Dexter Morgan is going to sodomize your ass with a 12"
hunting knife, man.

And again, pilgrims, watch your backs. Lest we forget.
Lest we forget.

Go Sens Go!

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