Nick's Journal
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2009-11-22 02:30:01 (UTC)

Watch Prison Break Season 4

have i written about prison break? i'm pretty sure i have.
it is an incredible show. incredible for its mind-numbingly
stupid scenarios, its completely unbelievable characters,
and of course, it's unforgiveable fourth season.

now, season 1 and 2 are really good. i watched them while i
was taking final exams and then studying for the bar. they
are a great "un-winder" show. you sit down, you watch
michael scoffield do some unbelievable shit and after 40
minutes you're not pondering the meaning of life.

season 3 started to ebb and flow. but. to my
actually held its own throughout and, when it wrapped up, i
didn't feel cheated.

then there was the 4th season.

where do i even begin? it is a roller coaster ride. in the
beginning it's all downhill. you groan as, for some
unbelievable reason, the ENTIRE group is put together into
another situation where they have to work for the
government. michael rappaport is prominently featured in
the 4th season to give you an idea as to how much effort the
producers put into this season. but the, somewhere around
episode 7 or 8, it starts getting better's really
odd, you get wrapped into it and you start thinking...hell
yeah, this is going to be a monster final season. and then
the roller coaster ride just blows up.

it gets so unbelievably bad that it passes the point of "un-
watchability". let's see. they bring back michael's
girlfriend who was supposed to have had her head chopped off
in season 3. but it TURNS OUT that her head was not chopped
off, it was a decoy!!! (suckers!!!) and in fact she had
ESCAPED from the kidnappers. ridiculous.

the show goes from ridiculous to absurd and finally to
outrageous. outrageous in that you are affronted by the
fact that the writers would feed you these dribbles of
bullshit. the characters are completely one-dimensional,
which of course is perfectly fine when the only challenge
they are faced with is a prison to escape from...yet put
them in other say...ordering a cup of
coffee and now you have "Link the sink" screaming at a
barista that he's gonna "settle up" with her if she doesn't
leave room for cream and sugar.

so juli and i stopped watching around the 12th episode.
there are 24 episodes in season 4...yeah. so we stopped.
but then, i would stop my studying for the bar and i didn't
have much to do so i went to episode 13...i groaned, i
pulled my hair, i rolled on the ground in utter disbelief at
what i was watching...and then i watched episode 14. then
15. and then all of a sudden i was amazed. no longer
outraged, but just amazed.

it was as if the writers, producers, and actors knew that
they were getting cancelled and had collectively decided to
have fun wit the show. this show doesn't just jump the
shark, it turns around and fucks it. it makes sweet love to
absurd situations that would normally kill any other show.

now, i strongly advocate that you smoke a bowl or take a
couple of monster bong hits before each episode. that
really helps the watchability. you can't help but get
consumed in guffaws as michael scoffield (who puts on about
30 lbs inexplicably during the middle of season 4) huffs and
puffs to run away from the cops.

you can just imagine everybody on the scene after the
director yells "cut". they probably fell into each other's
arms laughing at the scene they had just filmed. the
dialogue is so trite that it is hilarious. Link the sink
bellows at everybody, Michael Scoffield still talks in a
harsh whisper (which worked fine in prison but is weird in
the middle of the desert), and of course, each character
plays to his one-dimensional (and sometimes quite
sterotypical) cast-type.

watch it. love it. i suggest you plow through seasons 1 -
3 because they are quite good and because they set up season
4 perfectly. you had better believe that you have to get
extremely high for season 4. i'm not talking completely
wasted high. i'm talking so utterly and completely wasted
high that you forgot you ordered pizza and then accuse your
dog of always spending your hard-earned cash high.

and of course there's the "final break" a 2 hour "mini-
movie" at the end of season 4. sarah gets sent to women's
prison...that's right. women's prison. and who would get
her out? why...maybe michael scoffield?

you'd better pack a pound of weed in your bong before that's fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntastic!