Constant: continuing without pause
2009-11-19 10:41:20 (UTC)

A mixed up mind is a human mind.

Life has been wonderful.
The crew aka now the family, went to a chuch retreat with
the church ryann and I go to now and then.


The boys were saved. THE BOYS WERE SAVED
it was amazing. we all were touched by the lords grace so
much it was amazing and its been amazing since. We all do
devotions everyday, pray everyday, talk about God everyday
and learn more and more and becoming so much more involved
in the church and the friends there.
My word, the friends. Were basically friends with them all now.
God is so good.
Hes helping me fight my ED. I eat so much now and I have
gained some weight. Im okay with that because I know my body
is a temple which no one should take advantage of until I am
married and I am willing to allow them to have it.
This body is something beautiful. This heart is something
My life is becoming better everyday and I love it.
Gods even been showing me with Garrett, him and brooklyn are
going to break up soon. It almost happened the other night
bt put off. I really couldnt care, because right now the
heart I seek is Gods but I know he knows my heart and deep
down garrett is all I want because he is the man I need.
Brian has been tempting me so much though. I love the
attention he gives me and Im struggling with that. I love
love love him as a friend but its getting so hard.
Karen from church is keeping me in check so much shes so
strong in the lord it makes me want to be stronger.
My God life is beautiful

Thanks to everyone for the prayers.
Keep them coming , along with work, Ive been getting so less
hours and same with my mom. Were struggling bad right now
and need some blessings and relaxation. Pray for that please

and if you have any prayers, anything, please please let me
know. Id be more than happy.

Well off to bed, need to clean in the morning then a long day.

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