Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2009-11-12 15:20:59 (UTC)

So now what...

Last night I told the guy I was seeing and all he did was
shrug his shoulders and said, "That's your life..."

So now what...

I'm expecting him to change, like all men do when they find
out. I'm so tired of it that I'm not even ashamed anymore. I
like having it because it's like a pre-screener. Dude finds
out I am virgin, he either runs as far as possible, tries to
smooth talk his way into your pants or... from the reaction
I got last night 'who care's, it doesn't change my opinion
of you'.

I'm just going to sit back and wait. Im going to wait and see what
happens. I really hope he isn't like the other guys i've dated. I really
want him to be the one. To be the one for only me. To be the one who
will someday love me and respect with every fiber in his body!