taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2009-11-10 05:45:25 (UTC)

The List


- The top of the head.
- Lips, esp. bottom, feels permenantly anesthetized.
- Chest and nipples are about half reduced in sensation.
- Cock and balls, yep, those too. Reduced sensation.
- Hands are absolutely void of feeling. Don't know where
they are on my girlfriend, don't know where they are on
me, can't use them without looking directly at them. All I
get is extreme heat and cold.
- Lower legs and feet, same deal. Walking is always the
least fun adventure ever, can't properly feel/adjust to
uneven terrain.


- Eyes are a mess. Eyelids twitch. Eyeballs opperate
independent of each other esp. during times of fatigue.
Squinting helps to minimize the double vision, but only
slightly. Optic nerve sputters, everything feels like it's
going a million miles an hour, too quick to absorb and
interpret in the brain, not enough time to adequately
react, The mind recoils in fear.


- Who'd a thunk it? The mother fucking ears? A target of
CMT? Yes! Others with CMT have verifiede. Can sometimes
feel/hear ear drum beating over other sounds or the sound
of silence. When fatigued, loud bangs tend to reverberate
in the head, disorienting. Also, day to day listening more
failible, prone to incorrect or inaudibe hearings.

Olifactory and Taste:

- Appear to be relatively unaffected.

Muscle Strength:

- Global atophy.
- Neck can't effortlessly hold up head, wobbley at times.
- Lip strength loss, can't spit gum out with force or
- Hands/Arms, twitching, fumbling, dropping, curved
fingers, fingers rest in exotic positions.

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