I drink Alone
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2009-11-03 20:00:28 (UTC)

Just another day in paradise

Still not sure about moving. He's the only guy in Austin now
so he's hanging in there till they say if they are going to
shut things down or not.
I sure hope not, I hate the idea of having to move.

Halloween was pretty fun. We went to Gigi's for din and
trick or treating. I did quite a bit of drinking so of
course it was better than last year. We weren't going to let
the kids stay the night since they always come back pretty
bad, but we decided last minute they could. Next day sure
enough, Hayden is just horrible. He's screaming "I don't
love you!" at me and being bad. They think they fix things
by hugging him and promising to buy him shit. It's
aggravating because it makes things worse. Jordan somehow
twisted her ankle so when we brought her home she couldn't
walk on it for a day and a half. But then she just seemed to
snap out of it, she favored it a little at first, but
started running around by the end of last night.

Elise is almost 7 months and such a doll. Everyone says how
she should be more advanced by now, but I think that's a
load. She's such a happy baby. She doesn't like most people,
and when we try to leave her for an hour or so with anyone
she goes insane and screams the whole time. But she's the
perfect angel for me and Joe.

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