Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2009-10-27 10:39:28 (UTC)

..days, more days

October. I love October. I like the weather, I like the
colours, I love Halloween, I like Autumn, it's my favorite
time of year. I haven't been out as much as I'd like, but
that's just how it is. I've gotten into Algonquin college,
so I'll be taking culinary management in january til april
of 2011, after which I'll take a year to jaunt around
europe, if my plan works out, if not, then I won't. The idea
is to experience cuisine across the continents, and have an
idea of what kind of things I will want to do when I open up
my catering company. I have a vague plan for it, but I'd
like to do something different. It won't be unique, just,

I bought a junker of a bmw, spent $4000 on it, and have
wept openly since, I really wish I hadn't sold my Accord,
such a better car, ah well. I've made a lot of mistakes the
last 4 months, but, as they say, it is, what it is. I
think, I've finally come to the conclusion, I need to shoot
my car. I'm going to take it in to the shop tomorrow and
have them figure out why the wiring is so utterly fucked up,
there's wires and harness' places that shouldn't be, it
stalled out 6 times getting home last night, I had to call
CAA twice, I was so mad, and I walked home in the rain
because my phone was pretty much dead. I was sooo not
amused. sigh.

I got my acceptance papers from Algonquin, so I'm in. Now
all I have to do is wait for the Stunned Ones, the trustee's
to get off thier collective asses and send a cheque. But I
haven't heard from them, and until the fee's are paid, I've
only got a space reserved or some such bullshit. I have no
idea what it means, but tomorrow I'm going to call the
registrar's office and make sure that I've got the spot, and
I'm in, and that they're not going to give it up to someone
else who's got cash in hand.


She's a kind & romantic soul who loves poetry. She's too
skinny, she's too fat, she's got red hair. Skin deep. Look
beyond the surface. She' can lose/gain, she can dye her hair
for you if you ask her to. It's that kiss she gives you on
the cheek that makes you fall so hard for her. The brush of
her lips on your ear when she hugs you.

Audere est facere. That is the lesson. But I never learn,
and neither will you..

Monica, I love you

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