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2009-10-22 22:47:14 (UTC)

He, Whose Thoughts Are Above Yours And Mine

Humanity will always have its limitations. But there is a God who knows
better. Season by season, century by century, dialect, costume, values,
attitudes, and hearts may change. God is God. Even in this world when hell
and unrest seem to be breaking loose, the Lord rules in heaven. And He's
looking down.

"All this has happened though we have not forgotten you. We have not
violated your covenant. Our hearts have not deserted you. We have not
strayed from your path" (Psalm 44: 17-18, NLT).

Take heart. Raise your head. Though we may not see nor feel Him, His great
works are not yet done. You are paramount in helping to continue those good
works throughout.

Be careful not to criticize. For "Who are you to condemn someone else's
servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let Him judge whether they are
right or wrong. And with the Lord's help, they will do what is right and will
receive His approval" (Romans 14:4, NLT).

An example: My heart rests on the environmental movement, which we know,
has been predisposed to criticize practices and people deemed unsustainable.
When you criticize one, you criticize yourself, and I think that we all
ultimately fall into this trap. I have. So may your opinions about the
environment be what they are, may your involvements extend as far as you'll
let them, whatever your level of interest may be, I have my own position. And
that is a position between myself and God.

I believe that nothing should be taken for granted, seeing as God created the
world and therefore owns everything in and of it. We are held accountable for
the things He gives us, and it is our duty to be faithful with them, be it
another person, a talent or gift, money, material possessions, etc.

Pollution and natural degradation goes far beyond human consumption.
Ultimately, I think it comes down to how we define our values, use our time,
and talents.

Of course, you don't have to agree with this or the environmental movement
altogether. I may be wrong in my stance, but I hope to be a good
representative of the Father God and Christ Jesus, just as any other believer.
May He be the one to judge me.

Keep your faith in God, who knows so much better than any of us do.

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