Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2009-10-16 07:11:52 (UTC)

...clandestine erosion

too fast. too soon. too far. too clear. illusions what you
make of it. what do you do when you can't have a thing, and
then suddenly you can have everything, what do you want? I
crave. I want. that. thing.

I lied to myself. it was a pretty little lie. who can say
for sure if it wasn't. not I. manifest destiny isn't what it
used to be. bargain basement trifles walk along the beaches.
funny. I'm disappointed, and more than a little upset. but
I'll live. I'm not surprised.

I just hate being right all the time. loathe my
recriminations advent, the excitement of it all. too much.
too slow. too real. reality is what we make it. I crave too
much. I've been spanked for it. chastised.

too many kisses on the wind. the boom shattered planks fall
into the volcanic rush of my lusty ambitions. without the
frolic in the sand who can say if she was right. I can. see
into her eyes. that pale blue shadow from the moonlight
kissed off her dark shaded lips.

I want to kiss them. absorb them. lick flickering into the
dusk's periodic night. the frost was. the rain. I zagged.
should have I zigged? perhaps tomorrow, not this night.
never leapt. too bad.

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