Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-10-02 00:04:47 (UTC)

Job Hunting!

I handed-in a few resumes this evening!

I really hope this one store in particular calls me in for
an interview. The manager seemed really nice and jolly,
unless I caught her on a good day. So... fingers crossed!

Besides that, I've been talking to a few students in class
today. Tutorial isn't so bad after all. I guess when you're
in a tutorial with boring teacher who doesn't make everyone
do group work, the class becomes a nuisance- no one attends.
The lecture for that class was even great! I wish I had a
recording of this lecture; the prof. was great! I like her :)

I chilled with Him last night... hehe. I giggle like a
school girl. I'm really really curious to know what he
thinks of me, or most importantly of us. I have a reason for
being curious once again...

Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who is
interested in a this guy. When I occasionally see her I
usually ask her if they are an item yet. She informed that
he still wants to continue on with the friendship, or as
guys would say ' to get to know you better'. However, she
found out some stuff about what he's been doing. I concluded
that he is leaving his options open.

Now this is where my crazy thinking takes over...

I've known this guy longer then they have, but...but we
never made out, we never 'spilled out our feelings' none. We
hang out, hug, some-what hold hands... soooo is he also
keeping his options open? Or is he affectionate like that?
Or does he really like my companionship?

I hope it's the latter :)