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2009-09-25 09:42:37 (UTC)


So lets start off with what happened first.
I went in for my group interveiw at old navy, there was 5
of us girls and I mean the interview went well. I felt I
did really good, but there was this dumb ass girl (sorry)
there. She answered everything so annoyingly and
I found out later in the one on one interveiw I got the
job, the LOVED me. They felt I was best suited for the
job. Although they were still hiring 20 people I knew at
least one of the other girls had to get it.

Ok..that was over with.
Garrett and I started to text, whats this..His girlfriend
brought me up to him!
"well cause she sees my screen when i text you most of the
time haha. so she knows :P "
That conversation went on for awhile. I guess she was in a
bad mood and threw me into it. I told him shes a little
snoop and I have full right to talk to you etc etc. He
totally agreed and actually felt really good about what I
was telling him like "Why should she dislike me or
anything! Kenzie probably still likes you and tierney was
talkoing to you, pretty sure theres a few more. Just cause
were friends and I so happen to like you she doesnt like
it. Shes the one you asked out! So instead of bringing
other girls up she should just be lucky"
and then another text "Well your welcome. She is lucky she
shouldnt have anything to complain about"
He said that it really meant a lot and he really likes
that I feel that way.
She told him he should tell me to stop flirting with him.
But I told him straight out, thats not happening..sorry.
And he said good, I dont mind it.
We kept flirting, they kept fighting.
He finally went to bed and said Goodnight girl girl.
This is something (boy boy, girl girl) we said to
eachother when we both liked eachother..so its a hint to

NOW. inbetween garrett and my text I went to see my friend
John at a house hes staying at (he moved and came back to
visit) He was TOTALLY high and so was everyone else.
First off YUCK the room hes staying in is called
the "smoke room" Its under the barn and I guess a guys
uncle they knew use to own the place..he killed himself in
that room, shot his brains out..WHICH..are stained on the
wall! I freaked out. THAT IS THE SICKEST THING EVER.
We went back upto the house and...some girl that lives
there was leaving "HEY GUYS..got the job at old navy,
everyone there was fucking studderning retards"
I didnt move, I was almost laughing in my head..IT WAS THE
sorry for the cursing..that was just B.S.
after she left they all started laughing because I already
mentioned getting the job so they knew I was there and was
like WOW B****.

Finally ryann and I had enough, we left and went to big
Rachelle our other friend that use to have a thing for
john came. We told her everything that happened and she
was pissed..cause a girl there named megan made it sound
like her and john were a thing. So we got in rachelles car
to go back and have her chew him out, one for smoking and
doing other drugs that he promised rachelle he wouldnt,
and two..this bitch.
John was too high to even talk, rachelle started playing
with his hair and trying to get him to go talk. Megan
thought rachelle left cause me and ryann went inside.. I
guess she said to john "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?"
rachelle standing right there was like "HEY..im rachelle,
whats your name"
The girl was just like uhh..megan.....
Rachelle had enough and said whatever bye.
back to big foot.
The night ended good just hanging out all togther laughing
about everything. So many people showed up at big foot
later. but wow..long day.

tomorrow/today is garretts birthday!
were gonna hang out.

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