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2009-09-23 08:35:44 (UTC)

Not exactly the night I was hoping for.

Ryann and I have been hanging out with our friend sean a
lot lately. He records some of the bands around here and a
total cutie. Hes black and has a huge amazing fro..sort of
its just tiny tiny ringlets everywhere. He has his own
band too..which by my standards isnt too good.
Anyways sean and her have kinda had a flirty thing going
on everytime we've been around him. So the other night we
went to his bands jam space where his other band member
It was pretty chill. They tried to finish a song while
ryann and I just sat around in this little room chatting
and goofing off.
As the night went on we all got bored and ended up sitting
on the floor in the dark listening to other music so they
can get ideas to finish their song.
The whole time sean and ryann kept flirting and being
touchy. you know tickling here and there, hand holding
Out of no where you know they started making out.
His bandmate left after awhile knowing the song wasnt
gonna finish and ryann and sean werent stopping for
they were hardcore making out.
HELLO..im right there.
Ok note, I couldnt go anywhere, their jam space was
a "rent out space". Its like a storage unit but
its "spaces" to rent for whatever you need. So Its not
like I could just go downstairs. or something.
I sat in the corner of the dark room playing with our
phones, half falling asleep. Finally I had to literally
drag ryann away before she broke curfew.
She had hickeys everywhere and was bragging out how big
seans penis was. I guess she just felt it through the
It was so awkward for me, but I felt ok whatever, Ive done
the same thing to her, but at least she had the ability to
leave, or I had left her. This was just plain weird.

Other than that, today was kinda dull, didnt do much. Max
text me to come to the fair with him but I never did end
up going. Garrett and I lost connection yesterday right
when I got to the jam space and then today around 2ish ou
phones finally were allowing us to text eachother
agian..idk why it does that, they wont send our textd and
then a day or two later we recieve like a bunch of text
from eachother that we tried to send the days before..idk
but its pretty gay.

Im still praying that brooklyn and him break up soon.
Ugh so stupid. We flirted a bit, I know he likes me, but
he doesnt know what to do. Hes admitted to liking me but
the whole fact hes in a relationship makes it something he
cant continue with right now.

Hm..15 year old..just be patient a few more months and
itll be over with.

Im rambling..as always.

Off to bed.

p.s. Im getting so chubby. Im at like 121 lbs. I had lost
some weight and got down to about 115..
anything above 116 shows soo easily on me. It all goes to
my belly.
So..IVE BEEN TRYING to stop my binges..but they just keep
I suck.

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