The life and times
2001-10-09 23:39:01 (UTC)

The ultimate Cake

Ok, if you have read any of my other entries you would of
probably guessed I bake a lot for the people I care about.
Basically its the only thing that I am really good at, and
well I dont know how else to express my feelings. The idea
I have now is to make the ultimate castle cake
for "Svetlana's" birthday coming up next month. One of the
very few wonderful things about knowing me is that I
remember everything,and about a month or two before a
friends birthday comes up, I start planning. I am planning
on making this really awesome cake in the form of a castle.
It will be insane, I'll probably have to work a week
straight on it, not to mention the month or so of planning
and designing, but I think I can pull it off.If anyone out
there is reading this, please let me know what you think.
My email is [email protected]