Constant: continuing without pause
2009-09-16 05:23:47 (UTC)

Today went alright.

Ryann and I went down my old town and went on the trail to
take pictures. They turned out really good and we had a fun
Afterwards we had to come home so I could meet my moms
boyfriend, he was kinda geeky looking, didnt really say much
and looked as though he could break in half. But I suppose
if he makes my mom happy thats all that matters.
But this guy, Nick, my moms boyfriend, has known her since
she was about 20. He liked her then and they went on a few
dates but my mom was engaged. So after the wedding they
didnt talk much but supposedly he told someone he was going
to wait around for her. All these years hes been working to
achieve all his goals in life and has had a pretty awesome
life it sounds like.
Well..lets see what else. Garrett and I are good. I mean,
yes he has a girlfriend but its not ruining our friendship.
I will be here for him when they break up. Him and I are
going to the fair next week sometime, im excited. He went
yesterday with his lady but she brought like her whole
family, he said he had fun but I know he probably would of
liked to just have a bit more relaxed feeling.
This whole month im so busy, Tomorrow im going to a show,
friday a wedding, saturday garretts old bands last show,
24th calebs birthday, 25th garretts birthday, 26 going to
oregon and 27th coming home. Next week the fair sometime and
then rachelle just asked me to come hang out soon again.

AHH sorry mom just got home with nick gotto go..
ill write more tomorrow

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