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2009-09-13 13:37:00 (UTC)

Plans with friends

Their are two events coming up in the near future with a
bunch of my friends from high school.

To give you a recap, the high school friends are those that
I want to slowly cut ties with.

Now, the problem here is, I haven't been going to a
gatherings in the past 2-3 weeks and now their are 2 more
ahead. One is for Thanksgiving and the other is for Halloween.

I have never been to a Thanksgiving dinner with then because
my mother's birthday always falls on Thanksgiving or give or
take a day or two. So I've been using that as an excuse.
As for the Halloween party, they are all meeting a friend's
house to lives about 45mins away from me. The plan for that
evening is to pre-drink at his place and then head down to
my area for a club. I already have plans to go clubbing with
other friends.

Here's the problem: I keep ditching them. Sooner or later
they're going to cut me off and we'll be in bad terms. I
know this for a fact. I have known them for about 7-8 years
now, lol, I know how their mind works or at least the Ring
Leader's mind works.

What should I do? Just explain to them it's my mother's
birthday that weekend and i already had plans for Halloween?