Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2009-09-12 02:10:56 (UTC)

First Week of School Completed

I successfully completed the first week of school!

hahahha I know it's not much to be happy about, but I'm
proud of myself. I'm also proud of myself for feeling
motivated to read ahead.

There's problems slowly arising and I can feel it from 5
miles away. I'm trying my hardest to ignore it and smile; I
can't let it affect me so early on in the game (school).

I've been kind of a bitch with one of my friends whom I want
to cut ties with. It's my fault at times because I have been
saying mean things, but it's because I'm so use to saying
that shit with Him. I need to control myself a lot better. I
cannot have her as an enemy unless I want to die.

I'm going to organize my binder and notes.
bye :)