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slightly exaggerated
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2009-09-07 03:17:31 (UTC)

Putting the "Labor" in Labor Day weekend

My family/extended family came down to Windsor this Labor
Day weekend to help with Vee and I with the house (notice
the Vee AND I part). It was great for reasons that were
two-fold - 1) Much was accomplished in a limited time
frame; we're talking the closet/stupid room in the
basement removed, bathroom on 2nd floor completely gutted
(tile, tub, plaster, insulation, and all), and a large
portion of the main floor painted (credit, Gord). 2)
Getting to spend time with some people I haven't seen in a
long time. And not just any people, people that care for
and respect me; people that I have definately gained a
even more love and respect for. It sounds lame writing it
out (very lame), but it was a really good feeling
(mostly), one sorely needed after the past few weeks of
ill words and empty sentiment (it would have done wonders
to back up your "new leaf" idea if you had in fact made an
appearance and tried to meet some of my family,
:(. Stay classy).

All in all, my feelings on the weekend are a wash. I'm
glad my end, in this now seeming politically charged
undertaking, made a contribution and we got some good work
in, however, it will be hard to ignore the latest slight
in Opperation: Judy Destroy All.

Didn't feel like partying tonight.

Happy birthday, Kathy.