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2009-09-05 00:11:00 (UTC)

History Discussion

So, in history of civilization class, we were discussing
Mesopotamia. (Ancient Iraq) The instructor gave us a
hand-out about the Hammurabi Code. One law that stood out in
my brain was essentially if my husband accused me of
cheating and there was no evidence, to prove my innocence
I'd have to jump off a bridge. I said I would have been
executed because I would have told my husband to go to hell.

Someone mentioned the "eye for an eye" concept that was held
back then. But, even that wasn't equal. If a nobleman beat
up another nobleman, then yeah. He'd got beat up. If a
nobleman beat up a commoner or a slave, then the nobleman
had to pay a fine. Now, if a commoner beat up a nobleman,
he'd probably be executed. No such thing as human rights and
fair justice, not that it's 100% here but it is more than
other places.

I'm so glad I live in this time. I never even thought about
living in ancient times. I always said if I lived during
medieval times I would have been burned as a witch because I
would have run my mouth and people wouldn't like it and they
would have arrested me and killed me.

So, enjoy the freedoms you have. Because people back then,
and even people now in some parts of the world, don't.