Nick's Journal
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2009-09-01 19:41:50 (UTC)

just some more random shit

the weirdest thing is that...when i seem to have nothing to
do, no obligations whatsoever, i tend to find the most
things i can do. like now, i have an to search for jobs and
look up all the administrative parts of opening a law firm.
yet, throughout the day, i find myself doing so much more
than that. days normally fly by for me.

i don't now if that's a good or a bad thing. but just weird.

so i'm pretty dog obsessed. i can't help it. i noticed
this when juli and i dropped our dog off for daycare. yeah.
daycare. for a dog. it's a place where he plays with all
his puppy friends. given that he's part-pitbull i
rationalize this absurdity by thinking to myself: "it's good
for his socialization."
but now i'm convinced that my dog is given me an experience
of what life was like back in the hunter gatherer ages. i
mean, think about it, i have to walk him BEFORE my breakfast.
it seems like what the hunters would do. also,i like how my
dog looks like he's on a hunt. he's always struttin' around
like he owns the damn place.

i really appreciate synchronicity. this for example:
is just a set of synchronous events happening apart, come
together. people always complain in the comments about how
you need to be high to watch this, but really, you don't
have to be, you can just appreciate the synchronicity as it
unfolds before your eyes.