the USA soul
2001-10-09 23:31:32 (UTC)


homecoming was echt te gek. In the morning I was freezing
in the parade. I had to march and do some flagwork for the
colorguard. It was realy cold and our outfitts aren't warm
at all. From the parade, I had to go to the homecoming
game to preform with the colorguard. Lucky Anne brought me
a blanket for during the game. Suddenly everyone liked me
very much ;0)
After homecoming queen was chosen I went home, took a
shower and got out to have my hair done.
At 6pm I left, I looked very nice (pictures soon)
I had a lot of fun at the dance. Afterwards I went to
Jacob's house and I was home at 1am. Sunday I slept in and
did my homework.
Today I had ethnic awarness club. We are going to make a
commercial to show after the announcements before third
hour class. Every classroom has a tv (and an apple(content
filip :0)) computer)

I guess you heard the US attacks Afganistan. Don't worry,
it didn't change anything for me here.

I'm sorry I switch into english, writing in dutch feels
realy weard and speaking is even worse. I think I should
call Dieter or Saco to practise. ;0)