taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2009-08-22 16:25:46 (UTC)

I'm very angry, Ralph.

I am losing my mother fucking mind! People say that a lot,
but I am SO goddamn angry and have no productive way to
aleviate it! I'm irrate! Fuck me! There has been no
resolution for my end of it, the only joke of a tidbit I
have "recieved" in this fucking cock smear of slandering
is "I'll try to respect" him. Well la-dee-fucking thank
you for your fucking good will and olive branch extending.

She hasen't fucking tried to contact me personally,
respond to my email or fuck all. Oh wait, I got an apology
BEFORE I became aware of all the shit she threw on my
character. You're a stand up person, J--y! Just go on
ahead and sabotage your daughter's and my relationship.
Throw the cripple shit at me and her. Yep, call me every
fucking manufactured, unfounded, morally-bankrupt, thing
you can.

And the fuck of it all.. Everyone is at my goddamn house
(the house I will be living in in a month) RIGHT NOW
except ME!!!!! I would have wanted to be there too if i
knew it would be this long. I haven't seen the fucking
house since Tuesday! But they're probably having a gay old
time hanging drywall and shit. Pay no heed to the guy with
the open, gushing wound at stage left. Carry on with your
day. I'm glad some of the parties have mended their shit..
honestly, I am, but what about me? I was the primary
target in the attacks!

I have no blood family here, none of the friends I have
forged through the bonds of time, noone within 600
kilometes who can say they 100% have my back and can 100%
support me. I have Veronica, who backs me up to quite an
extent, however, given the conflict of interests, that
backing is somewhat limited.

99% (maybe closer to 90%) of Windsor wants me to fuck off
back to Ottawa, well, they are going to have to try
harder, because I will die before I will let any bigoted
mother fuckers push me around!

Ending note, I need to speak to the horse's mouth before
any mending or any progress of any sort can begin.

I might have to wait a bit longer. For now, inanimate
objects will feel my wrath.