Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2009-08-17 10:51:41 (UTC)

...the slow march

I don't know if I'll get a motorcycle, I mean, I want one,
but I'm not sure if I'll get a new one, or a used one, or
even really what size, I may just stick to scooters. But
every so often I look at a new Triumph Thruxton or
Bonneville and swoon, ditto when I look at a Ducati, such
beautiful bikes, but I'm not sure if I'm responsible enough
to ride one. I figure I'll kill myself on one, maybe not,
but I'm a bit reckless and careless still, but, who knows,
maybe I won't kill myself on one.

I'm still in this, circling orbit, about taking Chef
training, and where to take it. Stratford isn't my cup of
tea, sure it looks great, but it's not, spectacular. Ottawa
isn't too bad, but the courses are spread out over two
years, and I'm not so sure they'll be of real benefit to me,
probably, but I just don't know. I think what I want to do
is a bit too specific, without being focussed enough.
Abbotsford has a nice program, it's 40 hours a week, for 12
months, which seems exceptionally focused, but almost too
much. but, on the other hand, it may well be what I'm
looking for. The question is, would I move to Ottawa for the
right reasons, or the wrong ones. This is all highly
debatable. I am not quite sure.

well, anyways, I'm hoping to sort things out, I have 4 weeks
before I get my influx of money, and can then move to
wherever I need to, want to.

It's crunch time really, and as they say, here we go..

the slow march begins today..

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