Mie LyF
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2009-08-16 13:55:43 (UTC)

i miss you diary!

Hello diary it's been six years i guess since the last time
we've get in touch. I have so many things to tell you! I
felt like i'm going to burst with stories stock in me during
the past years. Well after six years i havent change at all
physically... i dunno it's the same problem as before, but
i'm hoping still. How do I start uhm.. Well the last time i
talk with you was about my dilemma concerning the Js prom.
Well it turn out to be ok, although i'm not comfortable with
I wear that time. We bought it from one of the stalls in
Divisoria that's not unusual, since my mother been buying
stuff there for our family business particularly foot wear,
so she's very well familiar with the place and the price :).
I forgot how much it cost, it is not that pretty for me,
although i'm with her when we bought it. Well, it's a
blue-violet dress, it change in color, a halter top, it
fitted but of course my being skinny still standout. I
forgot the very detail but i remember after the prom we are
lurking around with my buddies along the Roxas Blvd. and
we've met an old lady. She is a fortune teller she ask us if
we wanted to know our future. Of course most are in doubt
and then suddenly she said that if one of us tried her all
of us will make pahula with her. During my turn as
what I've remember she said that i may be gone into a lot of
hurt aches, but of course that's very contradicting to my
situation that time, i never had a boyfriend yet. Then she
told me not to worry because there will be a man that will
came into my life. After that she said that i will be
successful in my career. Hmmm... Interesting...

So many things happened, then on my 4th yr in high school i
haven't decided yet where will i study and what will i take
up in college. I'm running out of time, on the next few
months it will be our graduation. Then my uncle suggested
for me to take up interior designing. Then i said, ok maybe
i can do this i have faith on my self i have skills that's
been waiting to awaken XD. It was already month of February
and most the prestigious university in Manila have already
ended their entrance examination. So I've got no choice but
to take exams on school who are still offering exams,
possibly nearest to my first choice of course which is
interior design. So my uncle said that, why don't i take up
Architecture and then on the second semester I shift to
Interior Designing in another school. And then I end up with
Mapua Institute of Technology, in Intramuros. Later on I
found out the school is also offering Interior Design course
which they called Interior Architecture.
I guess it's really fate that brought me here, i believe in
every decision i make every things happen to my life, there
is a reason and i stand for it and i should never regret it.
So that's it I never shift and today I'm on my last 3 terms
to receive my diploma hopefully :D... To be continue *so
many things to do pa :P*

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